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Want to write for Opinion Central?

Authors on Opinion Central (OC) are expected to write high quality opinion editorials (short, crisp, to the point, say 300-600 words – but potentially longer, if necessary) that provide a classical liberal perspective on current Indian affairs.

If you wish to write for OC, please express your interest to editor@opinioncentral.in with a copy of (or link to) your writing sample and your minimum frequency of writing op-eds for publication (e.g. once a fortnight).

OC approves an author for publication. It does not approve individual articles nor accept one-off articles.

Once you are approved, you will be given a user account on OC’s  platform. Separate instructions are available for those not familiar with platform.

After you get your user account, please abide by the following rules:

  1. You can write in English or in any lndian language. 
  2. No topic is off limits merely because someone else has written about it. Therefore, there can be multiple articles on the same topic (e.g. demonetisation) by different authors. Authors on OC are also at liberty to debate with other authors on OC.
  3. While most op-ends should be on current affairs, you may write on general/philosophical issues from time to time. Please ensure that foul language is neither used nor cited on OC.
  4. Your op-ed’s content needs to be unique to OC but may be reproduced on your own website subsequent to publication on OC. In exceptional cases, OC may choose to re-publish your material already published elsewhere (such as on a blog or media publication).
  5. You are responsible for delivering op-eds as per their your commitment/s. You may publish more op-ends than your minimum commitment. While automated reminders may be sent, no explanation will be sought if you don’t fulfil your commitment.
  6. OC reserves the right to make editorial changes to published articles. These changes will be limited only to any obvious grammatical/ spelling matter. No substantive content will ever be changed.
  7. OC reserves the right to de-list you without any notice or providing any reason. If such a decision is taken, none of your existing publications will be removed from the website (unless it is determined that the material therein is entirely inconsistent with liberalism).
  8. You are required to take care in citing others, and should always include appropriate links/ footnotes. Even paraphrasing of others should not be done without citation. If you are found to have plagiarised (as commonly defined) you will not merely be removed from OC but your entire contributions to OC will be permanently removed. The decision of OC in this regard will be final.
  9. You will be free to choose the comment option for your posts. If you choose the comment option, you are expected to respond and manage comments. Comments that use “gutter language” (i.e. vulgar, foul language) must be deleted. OC reserves the right to close the comments option on any post which is not being actively moderation by the author.
  10. You can withdraw from writing for OC at any time by notifying the publisher. If you wish to take a break from writing please inform OC in advance, along with an expected date of resumption (write to editor@opinioncentral.in).
  11. Till OC is able to raise sufficient ad revenues, no revenues will be available to pay authors. OC shall endeavour to pay an honorarium to authors as soon as it becomes practical to do so. Any honorarium will be paid on the basis of the quantum of writings and popularity of the author.

Hos is Opinion Central managed?

Opinion Central is privately owned, unregistered entity.

OC’s business model is to (a) first meet the costs of running OC, (b) then spend some funds on advertising OC, and finally (c) to distribute the remaining funds to authors on the basis of the quantum and popularity of their writings.

Incorporation of OC as an organisation (either non-profit or for-profit) will be considered only after significant ad revenues are generated.