A personal Open Letter to Narendra Modi – no, the cow is not my mother
A personal Open Letter to Narendra Modi – no, the cow is not my mother

By virtue of your good deeds and bad deeds the people of India have elected you as their Prime Minister for five years.

I congratulate you on your successful bid to serve India as our first servant. It is important that the people are represented and their representatives (all are our servants; being paid by us, the people) help to foster conditions through which we the people can take the country forward (All production is done by us, the people. We feed you, as our representative, to undertake a few crucial tasks for us, but you do not take the country forward; we the people do.)

However, I notice that you seem to have started believing that you are our master, nor our servant. Who else but a master imagines that he can impose his will on others?

Mr Modi, what are you doing about the massive attacks on the the basic liberties of the people by members of your party? I refer, in particular, to the massive use of state violence against those of us who may choose to eat beef.

The issue here is about whether the majority of a country has any right to impose it’s will by force on the minority.

You need to tell me, Mr Modi, why I’m obliged to agree to the religious beliefs of people.

I know for sure (100 per cent surety) that all religions are false. I can provide you a 100 per cent guarantee about this. But even if a religion were true (and assuming it is your religion, namely Hindusm, that is true), what gives anyone a right to use violence against those who do not agree with it?

Is it not possible to persuade others about the truth of a religion?

If a cow is my mother, should I not be shown through persuasion why it is my mother.

What kind of a country do you want to make India?

Why are you forcing me to consider a lowly animal – a cow – as my mother?

I don’t care if you are making India a laughing stock of the whole world. That is something you are not the only one responsible for. People like Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh have done their mite.

But under your regime the attacks on basic human liberty have increased to a crescendo.

I ask you to look within. What kind of a legacy do you want to leave behind for India? A legacy in which truth was trampled, freedom was trampled, or a legacy in which truth and freedom triumphed?

I ask you to rein in your goonda followers, who are making life in India impossible for hundreds of millions of Indians.



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