India's e-Commerce Policy: How Indian Government destroys Indian Industries

India’s e-Commerce Policy: How the government of India destroys industries

The entire "e-commerce policy" in its current form should be binned without a second thought. 
Monopoly Fallacy in Free Markets

Monopoly Fallacy in Free Markets !

The idea of free markets is sometimes rejected citing the possibility of a monopoly. What lies at the base of such fears is the...
How to solve the problem of immigration

How to solve the problem of immigration

How to solve the problem of immigration? Piecemeal solutions like arresting the immigrants, closing the border walls, have proved to be inefficient.
Undermining RBIs Autonomy

On Undermining RBI’s Autonomy

The government has sought consultations with RBI under 'section 7' of the RBI Act 1934. This provision empowers the government to issue directions to...
Unattractive Offers

Unattractive Offers!

Making the airline profitable again would need turning around the operations of the airlines and colossal restructuring of processes.
Blasphemy and other modern anachronisms - Section 295AA

Blasphemy and other modern anachronisms

God’s word is said to be indestructible, yet it seems every little act of dissent hurts god’s little feelings thereby compelling the followers of...
Labor Unions Hurt The Poor

How labor unions keep the labor poor and hurt consumers by increasing costs and...

The fundamental principle behind "Unionization" is to establish an institution with bargaining powers from the government to artificially manipulate factor costs of production. Though these...

How Swarna Bharat Party can dramatically transform any Indian city or town into the...

Most Indian cities and towns suck! Period! They are among the worst places to live. The vast overwhelming majority of India’s cities and towns...
Is overpopulation a problem?

Is overpopulation a problem?

if India were to embrace meritocratic governance system and free-market capitalist economic system, our large population (of capable people) will allow us to progress even faster.

India can become the world’s first classical liberal superpower

As unlikely, fantastic, and laughable as it may seem given India’s present abysmal state, if India were to ever manage to get its act...