India' fall on international freedom ranking under modi regime
India' fall on international freedom ranking under modi regime
India has always been one of the most unfree nations in the world, but it was slowly moving back towards the world average.

However, in the newly released freedom rankings by the Heritage Institute it appears that the Modi government has delivered a severe shock to India and taken it back by a decade.

India is placed worse than Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan and Ethiopia.

This is a deplorable situation for a country to be in. Freedom and prosperity are directly correlated. Freedom causes prosperity. This has been proven repeatedly over history.

And yet there is incessant pressure in India to destroy basic human liberty. All kinds of freedoms are under stress, including property rights, freedom of speech and freedom of occupation.

The following chart compares government integrity across the world. 

This fall in freedom is consistent with the precipitous fall in the World Economic Freedom Index during Modi’s regime.

In fact, India performs poorly on all international comparisons made by virtually any international organisation.

It should be noted, as Shubhendu Pathak has pointed out, that “The current ranking has given 75.0 to India in Monetary Freedom, which is a relatively high score. This is likely to fall next year. In the description, they don’t mention the November Demonetization.”

In relation to other causes of this decline, Shubhendu Pathak has pointed out that: “the only measure that has gone down significantly in the last two-three years is ‘labor freedom’ from 74 in 2014 to 41.6 in 2017. Others have either remained flat or have gone up. I think the overall score has gone down due to additional measures of ‘judicial effectiveness’ and ‘fiscal health’ added to the index (there is no reading prior to 2017 for these measures, so I am assuming that these are new measures)”.

A situation where freedom of occupation and labour freedom have declined is not sustainable. It is high time India gets a liberal party to lead it out of this mess.


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