India’s liberal party needs a narrative to break the stranglehold of socialism
India’s liberal party needs a narrative to break the stranglehold of socialism

The only reason the world has progressed since feudal times is due to liberalism and the ideas of freedom.

It is the only narrative that explains the rapid increase in wealth not only in the West but in the East – and even in India after the liberalisation of 1991.

But in India the elite have been sold the Nehruvian socialist narrative since birth. India’s academic institutions have been captured by the socialists and communists. The press has been hijacked by the left who in a fit of delusion also see themselves as “liberal” – when they oppose liberty at each step.

I recoil at the propaganda created by the socialists. One of my friends mentioned the “turmoil in the west”! Only in India can people believe such nonsense, given that the West is 10 times richer than India and any other socialist society. What turmoil? There is rule of law, freedom of expression, freedom of occupation.

In the West, corruption is virtually unheard of. Systems and policies are in place to virtually preclude any prospect of corruption.

The environment in the West is pristine and beautiful; wildlife preserved excellently.

Everything good and worthwhile in the world in the past 300 years owes its existence to liberalism. But Indians have been indoctrinated. They are blinded and made helpless to look at the facts.

False narratives are known as propaganda. Socialist are very good at that. And strangely, but not unexpectedly, the children of the socialist “leaders” are all studying abroad and many are settled abroad (in the “capitalist” West). They are the ones who have minted crores of black money, just like the rulers of Soviet Russia did. And they are the ones who’ve given monopoly rights to the crony capitalists – and destroyed our environment and our wildlife.

Fortunately for India the Ambedkar constitution was the outcome of liberalism. Ambedkar vigorously fought against attempts to make India socialist through the constitution. But after his death it was open slather for the socialists who controlled all means of propaganda.

Today, our constitution limps along and betrays the citizens at each step, instead of being a guide to freedom and justice. We have been hobbled. Whatever little good is left in India is entirely attributable to liberalism and the transplantation of liberal ideas in India through British rule.

Swarna Bharat Party has stepped forward as a liberal party to fill the void to guide India to liberty. I hope the party is able to take this narrative to the people and break the indoctrination of socialism which has destroyed the backbone of India and enslaved the people to government – even as the people fail to see how they’ve been enslaved.


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