The eternal cry baby: Narendra Modi and his romanticization of poverty
The eternal cry baby: Narendra Modi and his romanticization of poverty

It is not a new discovery that Narendra Modi knows one thing and one thing only – politicking and spinning up facts in his political speeches. Most of the time he is doing that. In 41 months (until 2017), Narendra Modi gave 775 speeches. The total figure for 55 months of his tenure is even higher.

And when Narendra Modi, by compulsion of the post that he holds, has to do some actual work, à la participate in parliamentary debates or discuss bills, he invariably turns his parliamentary speeches into yet another monologue of political attacks and delivers nothing but rhetoric and electioneering for a proposed problem.

Yesterday, in yet another rhetoric fueled political monologue in Lok Sabha, he claimed that Congress leaders see two periods, BC – Before Congress when nothing happened and AD – After Dynasty where everything happened.

He took a shot at the opposition which he claimed in its hate against Modi has started hating the nation. He then pointedly shot that his crime in their eyes is that someone born in a poor family is challenging their Sultanate.

He later tweeted it from official PMO handle

Now given that it is election season, such politicking can be expected from any political party. However, it is interesting that Narendra Modi, who used to beg to the public to “give him 60 months” after “giving 60 years to the Congress party” in 2014 has, at 55th month, nothing to show for his performance but the same rhetoric of “Sultanate” and his incessant wailing about his poverty which he hopes will get him some pity-votes from the Indian voters.

One cannot sideline the fact that Narendra Modi had the golden chance of transforming India – from a socialist poor country to a freer and more liberal country. He not only squandered this chance but did India more harm than good with nonsense like Demonetisation and GST. Again, while lickspittles continue to rationalize Demonetisation and they will continue to do so, anyone with even basic understanding of Economics will tell you that to expect “black money” to disappear by outlawing certain denomination of currency is only laughable.

With all-round failure of his socialist policies, Narendra Modi now dons his old avatar of a Hindu nationalist as evident by a string of his recent speeches in the Parliament and outside. In the above tweet, he, in his usual way, becries how a poor person (hint: Narendra Modi) challenged the Delhi Sultanate implying that Congress Party’s rule was a natural extension of Mughal rule (implying a Muslim rule) and that he is being attacked for the same reason.

Narendra Modi is so consumed in self-admiration that he refuses to even register the fact that he is being criticized for an all-round failure of his socialist/communist policies which have made India and Indians poorer. A recent example is data from NSSO which showed that India’s unemployment rate is at a four-decade high. Narendra Modi responded:

1. “In the organised sector, between September 2017 to November 2018, in about 15 months approximately 1 crore 80 lakh people have started getting their money deducted for provident fund. In all this, about 64 percent people are of age less than 28 years. Most of the people in this age group are those who have got new jobs.”

2. “In March 2014, approximately 65 lakh people were registered in National Pension System, in October 2018 this number increased to 1 crore 20 lakh. So has it happened without jobs?”

3. “In the last 4 years, 6.35 lakh new professionals have come up. Do you think if a doctor opens a clinic or a nursing home then he will employ only 1 person? Or does a CA only employ 1 person? They at least give employment to 2-3 or more people”.

Narendra Modi does not understand the basic economic fact that the Public cannot create as many jobs. It is the private sector that creates jobs. And Narendra Modi’s / BJPs socialist policies have destroyed the private sector in India. His policies have not only harmed the private sector immensely but his policies of higher tariffs on imports, mandatory local procurement regulations, complex GST, ever-increasing compliances, to name a few, have caused investors to flee India and caused hundreds of thousands of Small Sector Enterprises to shut shops.

These are actual quotes from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although his speech writers attempt at giving a spin to the reality of jobs in India is lousy, the writer can be lauded that at least he/she did not lie or make stuff up, unlike Modi who spouts delusional nonsense like this one:

Narendra Modi claims that culprits are hanged within 3 days, 7 days, 11 days and a month. As a writer, I do not know how to rebut this, for how can you rebut pure deluded imagination? Apparently, Narendra Modi is living in some world of his own so detached from reality that his reality and his facts are his own. Or is it alt-facts?

This writer will be happy to lend him a copy of the laws of India, especially a copy of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Not only the death penalty is awarded in “rarest of the rare” cases, the court gives “reasonable time” for appeal.

Narendra Modi and BJP have squandered the golden opportunity to transform India. And no attempts at creating divisions on religious or caste lines will change that fact.



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