Most of us are taught to believe that voting is a moral duty, without letting us question the philosophy and contradiction of voting. This general election in India, scheduled in the month of April and May, in the current year (2019), every so-called stakeholder of the largest democracy from TV media to Radio to Academic institutions and public sphere are irrationally excited and incoherently impulsive to practise their voting right.

In layman text, voting is choosing your favourite or preferable political candidate/party to govern you and your neighbours’ opinion, for the next 5 years. The imagination of many people, in my viewpoint, with reference to voting, is limited to their respective political/ideological leaning, communal scope and ineptocratic welfarism. Not many would choose to know the profile, identity, criminal cases and educational qualifications of their ‘favourite’ candidate in their constituency because ignorance is cheaper than intelligence. It would not make any significant difference in the electoral outcome when many choose to circumvent the background check-up of their preferred candidates.

Now, without tagging me as ‘Urban Naxal’ or ‘Anti-national’, I would like to bring to the notice of my readers that voting is not a coherent activity. It is an act of socialism, which does not minimize the scope of statism. Every vote is a seen or an unseen attack on the quality of liberty. Every vote is a supplement to more tyrannical laws, nepotism and kakistocracy. Every vote that counts will either replace a preferable tyrant with an unfavourable fascist or else sustain the political culture of status quo. As Mark Twain said, “If voting could change things, they would make it illegal.

Election 2019 is another grand paid circus of few more unaccountable promises, cacophonic arguments and egotistical brawls, directly or indirectly benefitting the inflationary size of governmental interventionism, online trollers and India’s lengthiest constitution. The reason, in my opinion, this election is a socialistic circus is because the next government is surely not going to dare in deflating the foundations of statism. Every party’s manifesto is synonymously for more government interventionism in their own language, and NONE would endeavour to:

1) Abolishing the Aadhar system (anti-privacy entity),

2) Guarding and motivating freedom of speech,

3) Scorning cow vigilantism,

4) Letting the markets create jobs,

5) Undoing anti-business laws,

6) Conserving the depleting groundwater,

7) Easing the procedure of obtaining the construction permit,

8) Forfeiting the colonial laws and other draconian municipal rules, and

9) Reinstating ‘right to property’ as a constitutional right.

This election is another old wine in a new glass and that is by keeping the farmers dependent on unachievable promises than letting them produce freely, and much more. Thence, it is noteworthy to conclude that nobody tells the truth because nobody cares.

So, my vote in this election is for nobody. In order to formally and peacefully communicate the angst, disappointment and frustration to the apathetic and unaccountable political fraternity, let this election be about ‘none of the above’ because ‘all of the above’ possess the exact and same ‘tyrannical tendencies’ to control, intimidate, infringe, conscript, hate, provoke, beat, condemn, scorn, lynch, rob, ignore, terrorize, misguide, divide, manipulate, troll, misinform, enslave and communalize us further.   


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