One often hears the sympathetic adage “Do not dig the dead”. And as well-intentioned these clichés are, it is necessary that we do not let death make saints of those criminals of humanity who wrought havoc in the world. It is necessary because if we let death whitewash criminals, then, the criminals will fear nothing and will have no remorse for their actions. They will be happy in the knowledge that their name will be written and remembered fondly, notwithstanding their actions.

In the middle of all just grief and undeserved eulogies, pouring over for Mr. Manohar Parrikar, one must remember the man and his character by his actions.

Parikkar, born in 1955, joined RSS at a young age. He later graduated into politics and was a sworn socialist politician who burdened Goa with countless socialist regulations and did more harm than good to Goa by way of his socialist policies during his tenure as chief minister. Being loyal to his socialist RSS roots, Parikkar used public offices and public funds to award his loyalists from the Sangh. That was not it. Being a member of socialist RSS, Manohar Parikkar disliked the idea of “separation of the state and church”. He actively used the taxpayer money to further the Sangh’s ideology. For example:

In 2001, the Parrikar government had turned over fifty-one government primary schools in rural areas to Vidya Bharati, the educational wing of the Hindu nationalist group Sangh Parivar, inviting criticism from certain educationists.

Goa, a state with a large Christian population, witnessed an increasing Sangh interference in policy – from education to residential zoning. It was during Parikker’s tenure as Chief Minister of Goa that great attempts were made to polarise the harmonious and multicultural society of Goa. It’s hardly surprising to a veteran of Indian politics. It’s the modus operandi of any BJP ruled state.

In 2001, he had to backtrack on his attempt to hand over non-functional government primary school premises to saffron trusts when liberals across communities opposed the move. Other moves to heighten the divisive pitch and polarise politics in Goa—distribution of videographed anti-Christian history to schools, attempts to cancel Christian and Muslim holidays including Gandhi Jayanti—all effected under Parrikar, got a pushback from citizens.

To his credit, Parikker did have an efficient team of bureaucrats to run Goa. These bureaucrats crafted “schemes” of socialist rationing and dole outs – including the once popular doles for housewives and senior citizens. This benevolence, at the taxpayers’ expense, brought electoral dividends for the BJP.

Parikker did not flinch wasting taxpayers hard earned money for his fiscal debauchery. He wasted money in dole outs and useless paper-schemes. There was great financial mismanagement and these schemes later came under the scanner of CAG.

A lot of people paint Parikkar, as a Chief Minister of an untainted image, if not as a man of morals. That is also farther from the truth. As any other socialist politician of the Sangh Parivar, he rewarded his cronies at the expense of the taxpayer and the public good. Former Goa chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar alleged that Parikkar oversaw the formulation of the policy which snowballed into an Rs. 144,000 Crore mega mining scam. Parikker built his image of an anti-corruption crusader when he, as Goa’s first BJP chief minister in 2000, had three former Congress ministers arrested for “scams”.

Parikkar took unto himself, being the ultra socialist RSS man that he was, to build a nanny state which will police people for their life choices. He wanted to police women who consumed liquor. He had remarked:

“I have begun to fear now because even girls have started drinking beer. The tolerance limit is being crossed. I am not talking about everyone. I am not talking about those sitting here,” 

Though he later retracted from this statement under political pressure, the video of the same is available on Youtube.

Manohar Parikkar, wanted to police people’s food choices. That BJP is famous for its hypocrisy on the beef ban is no secret. Parikker vocally supported every policy of the BJP to police people’s food choices in other BJP ruled states while at the same time demanding that Goa be allowed to import beef from Karnataka. The point here must not be misunderstood. We resist a nanny state and we believe that no government should be policing your food. The point here is that Parikker was no progressive, like some people, who do not know better, lend to his credibility by reason of his IIT-credentials. He was cast from the same hopeless socialist mould of the RSS. In fact, his existence lays bare the myth of “progressive face” of Bhartiya Janta Party. No matter the education, the politicians of Bhartiya Janta Party are invariably clueless motormouth socialist fanatics.  There is a great dearth of educated politicians in BJP so much so that there are very few faces in BJP who have even as much as a graduate degree – Parikkar was one of them. Education being the gauge, if Parikker was so clueless about policy-making, go figure the likes of other elected representatives of Bhartiya Janta Party a la Uma Bharti.

Manohar Parikker routinely misused his power to settle personal political scores and was known for his arrogance in the political circles. So much so, that even his friends and ministers of his inner circle used to dread his temperament. During his tenancy as Chief Minister of Goa, Parikker routinely threated opposition leaders and bureaucrats working with him.

After he was elevated to the office of Defence Minister of India, Parikker, responding to a statement on by actor Aamir Khan, said that the actor Aamir Khan should be “taught a lesson” for his comments on intolerance. For the uninitiated, actor Aamir Khan’s comment was set against the backdrop of scores of lynchings of Indian Muslims and routine provocative statements and threats from fringe Hindutva groups.

It must be reassuring for the actor Aamir Khan and other religious minorities, not just Muslims, to hear that they will be “taught a lesson” if they dare speak anything, that too, by none other than the Defence Minister of India. NOT!

As evident above, Parikker despised freedom of expression – any form of it. His critics were routinely threatened by him. His overbearing and arrogant nature didn’t change even on the deathbed. 

Manohar Parikker destroys the myth of an educated politician. Even the expensively educated in India have romanticized socialism and have abused political power.

Spare shedding tears for socialist politicians who have ruined India by their socialist policies. Socialists are the enemies of India and have kept India and the Indians poor. Shed tears, if you will, for the innocent Indians who are killed day in and day out by the apathetic socialist structure of India’s governance. And when you do, resolve to give not one inch of India’s glorious history to the destroyers of India.

As the ancient Indian wisdom goes – May his Karma work for him.


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