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Content Policy of OpinionCentral

The intent of this document is to clarify OpinionCentral’s Content Policy and what we consider to be acceptable use of any website or service provided on the OpinionCentral Network (collectively “OpinionCentral Platform”).


Authors of the OpinionCentral (approved) are responsible for making sure their content complies with this Content Policy.

  1. OpinionCentral intends to offer unique insights into current policy, narratives and national as well as international affairs. We welcome different opinions and all kinds of personal expression from authors from different communities, ideologies and background.
  2. While all of our content policy is nuanced, OpinionCentral reserves the right to alter and consequently notify changes to this content policy from time to time.
  3. If you are unsure if some composition by you may violate any feature of our content policy, we invite you to contact our Editorial team at editor[at]opinioncentral[dot]in
  4. OpinionCentral Platform may not be used for illegal purposes. Examples of this include using OpinionCentral for fraudulent propaganda, sharing personal or confidential information of any person or entity, or spreading mis-information that may cause enmity between different social groups.
  5. OpinionCentral Platform may not be used to post nude content including content that is sexually suggestive or which contains nudity or any type of sexual activity.
  6. OpinionCentral Platform may not be used to post violent or graphic Content, including close up images or accounts of deaths or accidents.
  7. OpinionCentral Platform may not be used to post content which amounts to spam, including any form of content – text, video and images.
  8. OpinionCentral Platform may not be used to publish content containing malware, viruses, Trojan horses, or pop ups, click-jacking tools or any other similar content or references to websites / pages that contain such tools or malwares. Doing so will result in permanent ban on author.
  9. OpinionCentral Platform may not be used to post copyrighted content in any form – text, image, and video. If any copyrighted image, text or video is used, an attribution to original source should be included.


If you encounter Content – text, graphic or in video format that you believe violates Content Policy of OpinionCentral, you can report it to us by sending details on our Contact Page. Our Editorial Staff will review your complaint and if the reported violation is found to be true OpinionCentral Editorial Staff will take necessary action depending on the severity of the violation of content policy. The penal action is pure discretion of OpinionCentral Editorial Team.

You can find more about OpinionCentral – About OpinionCentral.