Enemy Within - Nitin Gadkari's threat and attempt to sabotage Indian industry
Enemy Within - Nitin Gadkari's threat and attempt to sabotage Indian industry

How often have you been faced with a something where the best response you could come up with was to swear? Unfortunately, under current socialist policies of NDA, where most fundamental of liberties – of life and property is suspended and antagonized by bunch of illiterate “Cabinet Ministers“, this seems to be order of the day. The recent putdown coming from India’s Minister for Road Transport and Highways – Nitin Gadkari – who is keen to destroy whatever is left of Indian Inc., after his equally indolent and incompetent master’s highly touted “Masterstroke” turned out to be a largely miscalculated disaster.

Mr. Gadkari “threatened” India’s auto manufacturers at recently concluded SIAM Annual Convention in the New Delhi with:

Petrol and diesel vehicles will need to make way for electric powertrains and engines running on other fuel variants such as ethanol and biofuels. “I am going to do it, whether you like it or not. I will bulldoze. Petrol, diesel banaane walon kaa band-baajaa bajaanaa hai (We will take the makers of petrol/diesel engine vehicles to task),” Gadkari said.


The arrogance of Gadkari’s statement is only trumped by its stupidity.

Shifting to clean energy alternatives is desirable but not economical (at this stage). By merely abusing his power and threatening industry, Gadkari only exhibits his bankruptcy of ethics and ideas. With accelerating unemployment, exacerbated by equally tacit “Currency swap” move, the first and foremost priority of Modi led NDA should be to set the policy framework right. Such “force” – will make India poorer and will further slow down the growth. Contrary to popular thinking, strong economic activity does not cause a general rise in the prices of goods and services and an economic overheating labelled as inflation. India does not have a steady growth and would need uninterrupted and steady growth for next 10-15 years. The fundamental requirement to enable that growth is market friendly policy framework not empty and unsubstantial threats that likes of Mr. Gadkari issue from pulpit.

No matter how little he has achieved in his role as Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari’s overwhelming arrogance to issue threats of “bulldozing” Indian industry – perfectly compliments and demonstrates the driving framework of Modi led NDA’s policy vision, so far.

In issuing such threats, Nitin Gadkari ignores ground realities of Indian auto industry. He not only exposes his anti-market stance of reducing consumer choice, but by meddling with supply, he makes it clear that he is hell-bent on destroying lakhs of jobs in auto-sector.

A lot of “furnished economists” sailed with the BJP-Modi boat thinking that it will offer some respite to a stagnant economy that resulted from devastating and anti-market decade-long policies of dubious and corrupt Congress Party. Alas! nothing is farther from the truth – nor was. Bhartiya Janta Party is as anti-market and anti-common sense as Congress and AAP – albeit under a corrugated tin roof shanty of “Hindutva” and “Vote-Bank politics”. It seems that Bhartiya Janta Party – with the portfolio distributed the way it is now – is one pretentious union of mediocrity. It is not new for Cabinet ministers to make a show of their idiocy in public, but, perhaps the viciousness and smirk ridden arrogance that Bhartiya Janata Party’s leader show is unparalleled. Perhaps, still smitten by their astounding victory (and optimist about their 2019 victory), the BJP government has given into populist policies – something they promised to change.

Without any principle policy framework or even driving vision, Modi led BJP government is a rudderless boat. Their revolting arrogance towards general public and their policy-resolve against freedom to do trade and business disastrously coupled with their affinity towards fiddling with market exhibits incredible gall for unending stupidity – pushing India back on slow development trajectory. It is crystal clear that policies of Bhartiya Janta Party in last 3 years have slowed down India’s growth and one can expect more “experiments” from leaders who are so detached from reason. India will lose more years to mediocre leadership and “streak” experiments like currency swap. There is little room for course correction now and even lesser will.



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