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Automotive Engineer at Mercedes Benz, Rational and Intellectual Being, Highly influenced by ideas of Ayn Rand!
How to destroy a country - Venezuela and Socialism

How to Destroy a Country – A Step by Step Guide by Venezuela

What comes to your mind on mention of an Oil exporting Country? A filthy rich Gulf state? Ample Wealth? A country dominating international politics with...

Universal Basic Income – An Absurd Socialist Dream!

"According to the advocacy group Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), the essential principle behind basic income is the idea that all citizens are entitled...
Monopoly Fallacy in Free Markets

Monopoly Fallacy in Free Markets !

The idea of free markets is sometimes rejected citing the possibility of a monopoly. What lies at the base of such fears is the...
Undermining RBIs Autonomy

On Undermining RBI’s Autonomy

The government has sought consultations with RBI under 'section 7' of the RBI Act 1934. This provision empowers the government to issue directions to...
Unattractive Offers

Unattractive Offers!

Making the airline profitable again would need turning around the operations of the airlines and colossal restructuring of processes.

Lose-Lose Situation!

The word ‘Trade war’ has been making headlines these days. In layman’s language, trade war is a situation where a country/countries impose protectionary tariffs...
Ayn Rand’s Egalitarianism - Utkarsha Thombal

Ayn Rand’s Egalitarianism

Cherished by many, Ayn Rand was an intellectual novelist and philosopher of the 20th century. She impacted millions of lives with her views on...
The curious case of judiciary - Utkarsha Thombal

The Curious Case of Indian Judiciary!

This article discusses what’s wrong with the judicial system and the possible solutions to cure the ailing judiciary which is an extremely vital pillar of an Indian democracy.
Look, A Vestigial Organ is being treated in an Intensive Care Unit!!

Look, A Vestigial Organ is being treated in an Intensive Care Unit!!

Public Sector Banks need to be privatized. PSBs need to be privatized as they might have suited the needs of some long forgone era but are vastly irrelevant to present times
Adultery and Section 497: The archaic law must be done away with.


Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code is so designed that a husband cannot prosecute the wife for defiling the sanctity of the matrimonial...




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