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Death makes no saints: The white-washing of socialist Manohar Parrikar

One often hears the sympathetic adage "Do not dig the dead". And as well-intentioned these clichés are, it is necessary that we do not let death make saints...

Sarojini Mahishi report: Recommendations

The Sarojini Mahishi report has become a tool for politicians and local organisations to insist all jobs in Karnataka to locals and implementation of...
Caveat emptor

Shocking (No, really): Celebrities pimping political parties for money

Serious question: Who takes celebrities seriously? Celebrities are just someone we throw chump change at for a few minutes of entertainment. That's all. To take them for...
Lynchings, Arrests for Sedition, are anti-constitutional: Justice Dhananjaya Yeshwant Chandrachud

Lynchings, Arrests for Sedition are anti-constitutional: Justice Dhananjaya Yeshwant Chandrachud

Delivering Justice K.T Desai Memorial Lecture in Bombay at the Bombay High Court organized by the Bombay Bar Association, Supreme Court Justice pointed towards some important...
Kick the government out of social media: Why regulations and government intervention is not the answer

Kick the government out of Social Media: Why government intervention is not the solution

Opinion Central is the only right-wing opinion and media portal in India. We are no-holds-barred. In January 2019, our social media accounts were locked, with a...
Government shouldn't regulate online content creators

Here’s why government shouldn’t regulate Netflix, Amazon and other online content creators

Delhi High Court recently, in the matter of Justice for Rights Foundation Vs. Union of India rejected the plea to ban Online Content Providers...
The eternal cry baby: Narendra Modi and his romanticization of poverty

The eternal cry baby: Narendra Modi and his romanticization of poverty

It is not a new discovery that Narendra Modi knows one thing and one thing only - politicking and spinning up facts in his political speeches....
India's e-Commerce Policy: How Indian Government destroys Indian Industries

India’s e-Commerce Policy: How the government of India destroys industries

The entire "e-commerce policy" in its current form should be binned without a second thought. 
Blasphemy and other modern anachronisms - Section 295AA

Blasphemy and other modern anachronisms

God’s word is said to be indestructible, yet it seems every little act of dissent hurts god’s little feelings thereby compelling the followers of...
Labor Unions Hurt The Poor

How labor unions keep the labor poor and hurt consumers by increasing costs and...

The fundamental principle behind "Unionization" is to establish an institution with bargaining powers from the government to artificially manipulate factor costs of production. Though these...




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