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Enemy Within - Nitin Gadkari's threat and attempt to sabotage Indian industry

Behind Nitin Gadkari’s intentional sabotage of Indian auto industry

Mr. Gadkari "threatened" India's auto manufacturers at recently concluded SIAM Annual Convention in the New Delhi with:
The myth of Predatory Pricing

The Uber Circus : Dispelling the myth of “Predatory Pricing”

Socialists and anti-free market status quoists have long trotted out, with malicious intent, the myth of "Predatory Pricing". The recent victim of such policies is...

The Meaning of Competition

Competition is a process which involves a continuous change in the data and whose significance must therefore be completely missed by any theory which treats these data as constant.
The Right to Discriminate Is a Basic Property Right

The Right to Discriminate Is a Basic Property Right

The Washington State Supreme Court just unanimously ruled that the florist violated the state’s anti-discrimination law.
The State Can't Protect the Environment – Markets Can

The State Can’t Protect the Environment – Markets Can

To reiterate: free market environmentalism argues that current environmental policy took an unfortunate path. Rather than realizing that the more worrisome forms of external impacts happened incrementally, that we should encourage a vast array of experiments about how best to reconcile (indeed integrate) environmental concerns with economic ones, the “market failure” model presumes that all environmental issues are inherently political.
The Myth of Tax "Reform"

The Myth of Tax “Reform” : Murray N. Rothbard

Our tax system is a mess. Taxes are far too high, and the patchwork system is so complicated that even IRS officials don’t understand it. Hence the evident need for some sort of dramatic, even drastic, reform. As often happens, a group of dedicated and determined reformers has arisen to satisfy that need.

Ludwig von Mises: Fierce critic of Marxism

Ludwig von Mises, whose devastating analysis of Marxism is of surpassing excellence. His contribution to the critique of Marxism is principally to be found in two of his books: Socialism and Theory and History.
What’s Behind the Gender Wage Gap

What’s Behind the Gender Wage Gap

Women make 77 cents on the dollar compared to what a man makes for the same work. I’ve been taught this since grade school. Indeed, it would seem to be that the only people who disagree with this are actual economists who study the issue.
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