Punjab Elections and Aam Admi Party
Punjab Elections and Aam Admi Party

AAP has recently put out its policies for Panjab.

Then there was a news report that AAP is promising meals at ₹5 in Punjab.

AAP’s policies are all about freebies. It is beating even BJP, SAD and Congress at their game.

Arvind Kejriwal has successfully turned the once proud Sikhs into beggars. Sikhs now need government funding for their marriage, they need government to feed them.

From all accounts AAP is going to sweep Panjab. The back of Panjab has been broken.

Kejriwal has spilled the pagri of the Sikhs, and they adore him for that. None of the self-respect that created the great religion of Sikhism.

Panjabis have been converted into petty, bootlicking slaves of government by a succession of socialist governments. But AAP is not happy with that. It wants to break them completely, so they can never stand up again as men.

* * *

It is hard to understand how Indians have stooped to this level. Everyone understands that a government produces nothing. It can produce nothing. It only takes from those who produce.

Everyone can readily ask: How is Kejriwal going to fund these freebies? Is it his own money?

Of course not, he is stealing from those who work – either by taxing them or by borrowing money so that the value of the rupee is destroyed.

Everyone knows that. This is basic common sense.

And everyone can readily ask: Why would those who work want to work under these circumstances?

Why is anyone surprised that Panjab – once the proudest and most hard working state of India – is now fast becoming a wasteland? A vast number of capable Panjabis have left India permanently. You can’t get ground water even at 400 feet.

There is no better way to ruin a nation than to advocate socialism. Once the self-respect of a people is gone, then the people will remain ruined for ever.

I ask my Panjabis to stand up as men. That means, above all, making sure that you do not take anything that does not belong to you.

Throw out all the socialists and communists.



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