Is overpopulation a problem?

Is overpopulation a problem?

if India were to embrace meritocratic governance system and free-market capitalist economic system, our large population (of capable people) will allow us to progress even faster.

India can become the world’s first classical liberal superpower

As unlikely, fantastic, and laughable as it may seem given India’s present abysmal state, if India were to ever manage to get its act...
Essay on Public Policy: Why government is the problem

Essay on Public Policy: Why government is the problem

Government actions often provide substantial benefits to a few while imposing small costs on many.

Policy Paralysis Vol II: The Heisenberg’s Principle

पिछले वर्ष लेखक ने एक लेख लिखा था : जीवन - एक दही| उसमें एक ईमानदार और देश के लिए कुछ कर गुजरने की...

Lose-Lose Situation!

The word ‘Trade war’ has been making headlines these days. In layman’s language, trade war is a situation where a country/countries impose protectionary tariffs...

Current Account Deficit and other irrelevant lies.

The ministry of truth recently released the following video on its propaganda social media accounts so as to justify (or rather brainwash the gullible) the...
Ayn Rand’s Egalitarianism - Utkarsha Thombal

Ayn Rand’s Egalitarianism

Cherished by many, Ayn Rand was an intellectual novelist and philosopher of the 20th century. She impacted millions of lives with her views on...
Cost of the Free Lunch Gaurav Agarwal

Cost of the Free Lunch

In the previous article - Paying for the Free Lunch - we had argued that there was a party going on in public sector banks...
The curious case of judiciary - Utkarsha Thombal

The Curious Case of Indian Judiciary!

This article discusses what’s wrong with the judicial system and the possible solutions to cure the ailing judiciary which is an extremely vital pillar of an Indian democracy.

Artificial Intelligence and Adam Smith

Recently spoke on the economics of Artificial Intelligence / Fourth Revolution in a TedX talk @IIMLucknow. Will AI lead to job losses and heightened inequality?...